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Frequently Asked Questions

It is simply a way to earn free coins from a blockchain's token company. For example those blockchain will send on your Ethereum address some free tokens that you will receive at the end of the airdrop event. Some other will ask you to own a specif


Than you need a wallet, to be able to receive, hold and send the newly minted crypto tokens.

The best is to store your airdrops in an offline hardware such as Ledger

Yes, really. It is nothing more than marketing activities conducted by newly-raised projects. The best way to advertise a project is to give a small amount of their currency to the recipients. Those taking part in airdrops, attrac

It depends on the project. You can get coins after a few days or months.

In most cases, airdrops are the first element of new currency distribution. Then comes private sale or public sale, where investors may buy the currency with the discoun

A Crypto Airdrop is an efficient way for the founders of new blockchain projects to bootstrap their burgeoning communitie. With this new way of marketing everybody wins because on one hand users get free tokens which could worth something in the future

There isn’t any standard set of rules yet. And each blockchain team can request whatever they want from their backers. Every crypto airdrop has a different set of rules.

Some new token airdrops require retweets on Twitter, usually you n

Many coins that do airdrops are PRE-ICO or just finished their ICO. This often means it is not traded yet on the bigger exchanges. We strongly suggest to create an account at all the exchange we list just down here.