KNL Airdrop

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Airdrop Description

KNL tokenization platform is the digitization of grain assets, real estate and property.


  • Start chat with KNL Telegram bot.
  • Create an account on KNL website. (+10 KNL, Mandatory)
  • Join KNL Telegram group and Channel. (+10 KNL, Mandatory)
  • Submit your email. (+2 KNL, Optional)
  • Follow KNL on Twitter. (+5 KNL, Mandatory)
  • Subscribe KNL Reddit Page. (+5 KNL, Mandatory)
  • Submit your details to the bot.
  • You will receive 32 KNL tokens.
  • You can earn an additional 1 KNL for each referral.
  • Join AlertAirdrops Telegram Channel. (Optional)
  • Follow AlertAirdrops on Twitter (Optional)


Don't forget to join Required! You can find link below down!!!

Special Bonus

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