Bitsdaq Airdrop (Round 3)

Ethereum Expired 203 Too Late

Airdrop Description

Bitsdaq is the official partner of Bittrex that aims to become the global digital currency trading platform in Asia.


  • Visit the Bitsdaq registration page.
  • Signup with your details.
  • Download the Bitsdaq app on Android or IOS.
  • Submit a review on their App store, take a screenshot and submit your details to this airdrop form. (+300 BQQQ)
  • Also leave a five-star rating on the app store to get an extra 200 BQQQ if the five-star reviews reach 1,000 or 300 BQQQ if the five-star reviews reach 2,000 or 400 BQQQ if the five-star reviews reach 3,000.
  • You will receive a total of 700 BQQQ ($7) tokens.
  • For more details, visit this Bitsdaq post.
  • Join AlertAirdrops Telegram Channel. (Optional)
  • Follow AlertAirdrops on Twitter (Optional)


Don't forget to join Required! You can find link below down!!!

Special Bonus

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